Organizing Your Deep Freezer Will be able to Rss feed One In the Cold weather

Organizing your deep freezer is like going grocery shopping. You ought to test it – you will undoubtedly be surprised at the foodstuff you will find and at the amount of money you will save!

With Ken being on permanent disability, and with me working full amount of time in my highly stressful job, he took over just as much of the cooking and food shopping that he could to greatly help me out. I was even working so much overtime, that I never had time to accomplish any baking. So after a while, he was missing and even craving some home baked goodies. To create you updated, Ken is on permanent disability when he suffered a cardiac arrest of seventeen minutes. Miraculously he survived with only his memory being permanently damaged. He has a very bad short-term memory, and for justification!

Every week when Ken did the food shopping, he bought a pound of lard and thought to himself, I am planning to discover ways to produce a pie. But he never did, and he forgot that he bought the lard. The a few weeks, he explained the exact same and bought another pound of lard.

Last winter I decided it absolutely was time to defrost, remove, and purge he deep freezer. Do you know what I discovered? Twenty pounds of lard!! I also found all sorts of little bags of who knows what, unmarked and freezer burnt that I had to trash freeze dried strawberries. The things I could identify I changed to soups and stews. But the true treasure was bags and pails of frozen fruit. Ken used to produce homemade wine… just what exactly would you do with twenty pounds of lard and frozen rhubarb, saskatoons, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, huckleberries and crab apples? You make pie!

I was concerned about making fruit pies and freezing them, because the final time I did that, they were soggy. So I spoke to my sister who’s a master at this, and I am going to fairly share with you what she explained to do. The secret is always to cook and thicken the fruit, let it cool completely, then spoon it into your pie shells and freeze.

It sounds daunting, but it absolutely was easy whenever you take action in little bits, not absolutely all at once. One afternoon I made a few pounds of lard into pie dough, shaped them into disks wrapped in cellophane and put them in the fridge. The next morning I cooked the fruit and let it cool. By late afternoon, I rolled the dough, filled it with the fruit, rolled a dough for the most effective, and then froze it. Once they were frozen, I wrapped them into freezer bags, labeled them with what kind of pie and how to bake them. I gave away pies, we ate pies, and I filled my freezer with twenty pies exactly.

I normally make dough from butter and shortening, so I had to re-learn making it from lard. I discovered it absolutely was dry and didn’t re-roll excellent at all. Then I remember watching a TV show once (not a cooking show) where it absolutely was mentioned her grandmother’s secret ingredient in her pierogie dough was 7-Up. So I gave that the try, and it absolutely was the very best dough ever!! It had been tender and you could re-roll it many times.

My food bill was drastically reduced because I cooked all sorts of casseroles and homemade soup using what I discovered from Ken’s shopping sprees. But the true treasure was being able to whip a pie in to the oven anytime we felt like one. A homemade pie filled with home picked berries in several different combinations. The winter of pies – to never be repeated!

Is it time for you to take a look at your deep freezer? Have a look and see what you find. If you should be uncertain what to do with it, just post it within your comments. I should go through my repertoire of recipes and ideas, and you too might be saving cash and eating such as a king!

Huge tip: Store food in freezer containers and freezer bags, not shopping bags. Always label using what the contents are and a date.

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