Why Would I want to Use a Money Counter?

Money tables have been around for a long time in the form of bill tables and coin tables. The technology has significantly changed over the past few years and the demand for the money tables is on the rise. The question many ask is: “why would I want to use a money counter? inch

Money is dirty. It is often times old and has used many different sets of hands and has sat in many different pockets. Bills and coins contain viruses, dust, narcotics and other harmful material. Handling large quantities of money on a regular basis is simply not healthy.

Have you ever measured money personally, you know that it is a long and tedious process. Checking money personally also features the element of human error. Money measured personally takes a lot of time and is usually incorrect. A stack of bills or a vessel of coins measured personally, by two different sets of men and women, will almost always yield different results.

Bill tables, sometimes referred to as money tables, almost completely eliminate the element of human error. They effectively and quickly count bills in seconds. Many bill tables are capable of checking thousands of bills each and every minute. Considering a person can only count 100-200 bills each and every minute, this will dramatically save time. Some bill tables also include air filtration systems and dust shields, that assist keep the owner healthy. fake dollars for sale

Coin tables, much like bill tables, can count hundreds of coins each and every minute. Checking coins personally is even more complicated than checking bills. The manual error rate is even higher than with bills. Most coin tables can also sort coins. Many coin tables also have the option of running and bagging sorted coins.

One factor that is difficult to detect hand is phony money. Due to increased use of high-resolution printers and other counterfeiting techniques, successfully uncovering phony money is very difficult. Many bill tables now include features such as over unity magnetic (MG) and ultraviolet (UV) prognosis. These two prognosis methods are capable of uncovering over unity magnetic printer used in bills and ultraviolet properties of legitimate bills.

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