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Whenever you leave your home and venture into the outside world, what you wear makes a statement about yourself. Your clothing, shoes, jewelry and makeup (if any) shows the world what you consider yourself and projects an email to everyone you encounter.

Some people choose to wear a cloak of anonymity. They sit in corners or stand idly by and watch while others steal the focus. Other people give in to expert pressure and choose to run with the crowd. Many of these people imitate the most popular person in their clique and wear things similar to what those people wear.
Then there are those who demand to be noticed.

If you’re tired of the same old, same exact, or if you’re a bit extroverted to begin with, you can get your home in the sun by standing apart. You can develop a bit of a mystique about yourself by adorning your body with your own personal hand woven jewelry projects. It might take a bit of daring, but the rewards can be phenomenal.

Some people consider jewelry as art. Whether you do or not, you’ll probably agree that wearing hand woven jewelry definitely is a form of art. That’s because you need to organize your jewelry not only with your attire, you also have to integrate it with the place you’re going, the situations you anticipate being in, and the effect you want to generate.

Many of today’s hand woven jewelers are pushing the design package. Some of the extraordinary pieces you see celebrities wearing on the internet and in magazines invigorate people to be bolder with what we wear when we want to be noticed.

When you’re designing your own hand woven jewelry why not put away the pearls and small rocks and gold and silver for awhile and research unusual uneven materials such as shells, rocks, leather, stringed, wood, plastic, ceramics and clay courts?

Let your brain run free. Use unpolished rocks and simple drops to create your one-of-a-kind items of fantasy. Do you need some inspiration? Why not search the internet to check out examples from some other part of the world. You might want to look for tribal and ethnic jewelry.bijoux ethiques artisanaux Then try splashing vibrant colored beds together to create mouth dropping necklaces, jewelry and anklet bracelets for your wrists and ankles.

You may want to paint designs on waste wander wood or hammer small items of metal before incorporating them into your hand woven pieces. Don’t wait — experiment and have fun.

If you’re really pushing the window and showing the world what you’ve created — congratulations. But whether it’s your first time you might think that your projects are so far out that you’re actually a bit uncomfortable about wearing them outside. If you do, how about building up your daring by wearing it around your home in order to build your daring until where you can and will make an entrance?

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